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Academic Disciplines - Semiconductor Microsystems and Technologies

Semiconductor Microsystems and Technologies

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Krassimir Denishev, еmail: khd@tu-sofia.bg 
Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Mariya Aleksandrova, еmail: m_aleksandrova@tu-sofia.bg 

The main aim of the course is to give to the students knowledge on the structure and the ways for design and production of Microsystems. This will give them the possibility to find the right and optimal way for solving of specific construction or technological problems, connected with the receiving and transforming of physical values from different kinds and producing of right and proper reaction, corresponding to the situation.

Some specific items, directly connected with the specialty “Electronics”, like structure of Microsystems, their sensor and actuator parts are described. A special attention is put on the main principles, effects and construction design, used for production of sensitive elements for magnetic, mechanical, thermal, fluid and illumination parameters. The main and the specific technological processes and procedures for Microsystems are described. Some technical areas like micromechanics, microengineering, MEMS etc. are explained and described.


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