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Academic Disciplines - Microelectronic technologies for alternative energy sources

Microelectronic technologies for alternative energy sources

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Krassimir Denishev, еmail: khd@tu-sofia.bg 
Assoc. Prof. PhD Mariya Aleksandrova, email: m_aleksandrova@tu-sofia.bg 

Students gain knowledge about the latest approaches in the field of "green energy" technology; design of such elements in a compact form
suitable for mobile applications; the properties of materials used for energy harvesting realization and their main characteristics. The topics in this course cover the design, manufacture and testing of components used to generate electrical energy from lost energy (dissipated in space as unnecessary). Attention is paid to practical work with such elements.

At the end of the course the students will know about the latest principles and materials used to build microelectronic elements such as alternative energy sources; they will be familiar with the modern methods for harvesting of non-electrical energy from the surrounding environment into electrical energy; they could design and implement thin film harvesters, by applying microelectronic technologies used for integrated circuits; they will know about the methods for measuring their main parameters and characteristics.

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