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Academic Disciplines - Functional Microelectronics

Functional Microelectronics

Prof. PhD Anna Stoynova, email: ava@ecad.tu-sofia.bg 

The students are provided with profound knowledge about the alternative solutions introduced by the functional microelectronics in current
electronic, computer and communication engineering.

The main topics concern: Major fields of today’s functional microelectronics; Photoemitters, photoreceivers, fibre optics and оptoelectronic microcircuits; Acoustic electronics; Linear and matrix CCD; Magnetoelectronics; Thin magnetic layers in the microelectronic memory elements; Effects in the magnetic semiconductors; Gun’s effect in microelectronics; Crioelectronics; Joseffson’s effect in microelectronics; Dielectric electronics; Effects related to the emission current flows in non-metallic solids; Chemotronics; Molecular and bioelectronics; Neural microcircuits.


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