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Academic Disciplines - Quality and Reliability in Electronics

Quality and Reliability in Electronics


Prof. Dr. Anna Stoinova, e-mail: ava@ecad.tu-sofia.bg 

To provide the students with good overall knowledge of the basic requirements to the quality and reliability of today’s electronic equipment, organization of the control process, basic features of the statistical control as well as the data collection for quality and reliability evaluation and use them in solving different engineering tasks.

The syllabus covers in detail a broad range of topics concerned with quality and reliability features of the modern electronic devices: characteristics and levels of creation of the quality management systems, organization of the quality control implemented in the electronic components manufacturing process, quantitative and qualitative requirements to the reliability of the electronic components, reliability and quality management – specific characteristics of the control methods, analysis of the проектната надеждност of systems with simple and complex structure, project testing and exploitational variations of the parameters. The material also covers the transition from quality of operation evaluation to reliability estimation, qualification tests of electronic modules, statistical process control basics, different types of control, authenticity tests, accelerated tests and technological training, failure identification, localization and simulation, optimizing of the control budget and basic principles of the development optimization.


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