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Academic Disciplines - Design and analysis of experiments in electronics

Design and analysis of experiments in electronics

Prof. Dr. Anna Stoynova, еmail: ava@ecad.tu-sofia.bg ;

The aim of the course is for students to learn and be able to apply the approaches, methods and technical means for modeling multifactorial objects and complex processes in electronic instrumentation with the methods of experiment designing as well as implementing modern methods of robust design of experiments and data analysis in the design and manufacture of electronic products. At the end of the course students will be able to design, perform and analyze scientific experiments using appropriate strategies for different situations.

Physical and mathematical modeling of complex processes; Reduction of the complex system and analysis of models; Optimization of the studied processes. Multiextremum surface response; Planning, organization and methodology of conducting the experiment; Design regression experiments of first and second order; Methods for planning experiments in search of optimum conditions in electronics manufacturing; Processing and analysis of experimental results; Detection of the most important factors affecting the output parameter of the researched process; Investigation of processes in production conditions - active and passive experiments; Application of the circuits
for analyzing the gradient errors in the manufacture of electronic devices.

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