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Academic Disciplines - Micromodules and microelectronic systems with automotive application

Micromodules and microelectronic systems with automotive application

Assoc. Prof. PhD Rumen Yordanov, e-mail: yordanov@tu-sofia.bg ;
Assoc Prof. PhD Georgi Angelov, e-mail: angelov@ecad.tu-sofia.bg ;

The aim of the course is to teach students in the field of design, construction and technology of modern electronic devices and microsystems in hybrid integrated execution, to get acquainted with different structures and solutions of security systems in modern cars and other means of transport systems management and traffic control, microelectronic systems for autonomous vehicles, intelligent transport and management of hybrid cars.

Theoretical foundations of hybrid modules, construction and technology of preparation of passive and active elements and methods of construction of microelectronic systems for automotive applications are considered. In details are studied the materials, technology and operations in the preparation of hybrid micro-modules. Students are introduced to new materials, application in microelectronics, microelectronic structures of various control systems in vehicles used circuit solutions and etc.

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